Terry Bozzio
Chad Wackerman
"Solos & Duets"

featuring "The Black Page"

This video was recorded at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. It captures two of my drum solo pieces. The first is a solo version of "All Sevens" ( the band version is on "The View" CD), plus an extended version of my drum piece "Bash".Terry plays a beautiful classical composition "Harmonic Etude" which clearly demonstrates his ability to turn the modern drum set into a harmonic instrument.

You'll also hear the Zappa composition "The Black Page" played by Terry and myself. We decided to work this up as part of our" Art of Drumming" tour, and I'm very glad we were able to document it in this video.


The video also includes two spontaneous duet improvisations. This is something I really enjoy, especially with a musician like Terry, who plays with such conviction and has a complete understanding of musical form, textures, contrast, melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics. When we improvise we never know where it will go, and I think we've got a few surprises on this video.

You can order the video direct if you live in the US at DW Drums or you can get it (internationally and in the US) at your favorite retail store that sells DW products.

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