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A phenomenally skilled jazz and rock drummer, Chad's professional career began in 1978 with the Bill Watrous band. Since then he has amassed a remarkable body of work including a seven year association with Frank Zappa, with whom he toured the USA and Europe and recorded 26 albums including the London Symphony recordings.

He has also recorded 6 albums and toured with guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, played on the 'One Voice' album and video with Barbra Streisand, and recorded albums and toured with artists as diverse as Steve Vai, Andy Summers, Men At Work, Ed Mann, Albert Lee, Colin Hay, Dweezil Zappa, Pasqua/Holdsworth/Haslip/Wackerman Group, Terry Bozzio, Carl Verheyen and David Garfield.

Chad has also toured with James Taylor, John Patitucci, Joe Sample, Banned From Utopia and The World Drummers Ensemble (Bill Bruford, Luis Conte, Dou Dou Ndiaye Rose and Chad Wackerman) .

As a band leader and composer Chad has five critically acclaimed CDs: 'Forty Reasons', 'The View',  'Scream',  'Legs Eleven' and his latest release, Dreams Nightmares and Improvisations. Chad has written music for the television show 'The Dennis Miller Show', as well as composing music for Allan Holdsworth's 'Secrets' , 'Wardenclyffe Tower' and 'Sixteen Men of Tain' CDs. His trio has a performance DVD, 'Hits Live'.

Chad's drumming combines the power and conviction of rock with the sensitivity and finesse of jazz. His playing is remarkably free of predictable patterns and licks, relying instead on invention and interplay with the musicians around him.


Chad Wackerman Resume
Born: 3/25/60
Long Beach, California

Studied with Charles Wackerman, Chuck Flores, Murray Spivack and Walt Goodman.

Chad's itinerary has included tours with:
1981-1988 Frank Zappa - USA, Canada and Europe.
1982-1998 Allan Holdsworth - USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan.
1985-1986 Men At Work - Japan and Australia.
1989-1992 Andy Summers Band - USA, Mexico, Europe and Japan.
1994 John Patitucci Band - Europe.
1995 "Banned From Utopia" - USA.
1996 Joe Sample - Australia.
1996 "The World Drummers Ensemble" (Bill Bruford, Louis Conte and Doudou Ndiaye Rose) Netherlands and Belgium.
1999 Chad Wackerman Group - Europe
1999 James Taylor with Symphony - USA
2000-2005 "The Art Of Drumming Tour" - Southern USA tour with Terry Bozzio

Selected Discography (Solo Records)

Forty Reasons -
CMP Records features Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Johnson and Jim Cox.
The View -
CMP Records features Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Johnson, Jim Cox, Walt Fowler and Carl Verheyen.
Scream -
features James Muller, Daryl Pratt, Leon Gaer, Jim Cox and Walt Fowler.
Legs Eleven -
features James Muller, Daryl Pratt and Leon Gaer.
Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations - features Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Johnson and Jim Cox.

Additional Discography

Allan Holdsworth - Atavachron
Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue
Allan Holdsworth - Road Games
Allan Holdsworth - Sand
Allan Holdsworth - Secrets
Allan Holdsworth - Sixteen Men Of Tain
Allan Holdsworth - Against The Clock
Allan Holdsworth - All Night Wrong
Allan Holdsworth - Wardenclyffe Tower
Band From Utopia - Tribute to the Music of Frank Zappa
Banned From Utopia - So Ya Don't Like Modern Art
Tom Grant - The View from Here
Albert Lee - Speechless
The Lovers - Embrace
Ed Mann - Get Up
Ed Mann - Perfect World
Michael Villmo's Koln Big Band - KBB
Makoto Saitoh - Be Careful of Your Smile
Spies - By Way of the World
Barbra Streisand - One Voice
Andy Summers - Charming Snakes
Andy Summers - World Gone Strange
Steve Vai - Flex-Able
Steve Vai - Flex-Able Leftovers
Carl Verheyen Band - Take One Step
Chema Vilchez - El Sue-o del Navegante
Chad Wackerman - Forty Reasons
Chad Wackerman - The View
Chad Wackerman - Scream
Chad Wackerman - Dreams, Nightmares, and Improvisations
John Wackerman - Drum Duets Vol.1
Colin James Hay- Looking for Jack
Dweezil Zappa - Having a Bad Day
Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free
Frank Zappa - As An Am
Frank Zappa - Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life
Frank Zappa - Broadway the Hard Way
Frank Zappa - Cruisin' with Ruben & The Jets
Frank Zappa - Does Humor Belong In Music?
Frank Zappa - Guitar
Frank Zappa - Jazz From Hell
Frank Zappa - Kill Ugly Radio
Frank Zappa - Kill Ugly Radio Some More
Frank Zappa - London Symphony Orchestra
Frank Zappa - Make a Jazz Noise Here
Frank Zappa - Meets the Mothers of Prevention
Frank Zappa - No Commercial Potential
Frank Zappa - Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace [CD single]
Frank Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
Frank Zappa - Sleep Dirt
Frank Zappa - Specialized Digital Audio Gratification
Frank Zappa - Stairway to Heaven/Bolero [CD single]
Frank Zappa - Strictly Commercial
Frank Zappa - The Man From Utopia
Frank Zappa - Them Or Us
Frank Zappa - Thing-Fish
Frank Zappa - Valley Girl [single]
Frank Zappa - We're Only In It For The Money (CD release:overdubs)
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6
Frank Zappa - One Shot Deal
Frank Zappa - You Can't Play That On the Radio Anymore
Frank Zappa - Zomby Woof [CD single]
Holdsworth/Pasqua/Haslip/Wackerman - Blues For Tony
The Lovers - Black Orchid
Liz Myers - Le Rendez-vous
Mike Miller - World Goes Round
Montreal Drum Fest 1996/1997

Chad has recorded albums with Australian artists The Lovers, Marcia Hines, Orange Horse, Grace Knight, Margret Urlich, Ann Kilpatrick, Clint Beattie, Rachel Gaudry and Ed Kuepper. Chad has also performed with Australian Chamber Orchestra director Richard Tognetti and guitarist Slava Grigorian.



'Zappa Halloween Special' (MTV) Live at New York Palladium
'Zappa In Barcelona: European Tour May 1988'
'The Dub Room Special' Zappa
'Video From Hell' Zappa
'The Torture Never Stops'-Zappa
'You Are What You Is'-Zappa
'Allan Holdsworth Live in Japan'
'Does Humor Belong in Music?' - Zappa
'Electric Hoe-Down' - Dweezil Zappa
'Ultimate Drummers Weekend'
'Can I Hold You' - Colin James Hay
'One Voice' - Barbra Streisand (HBO Live Concert)
'Allan Holdsworth' instructional video for REH
'The American Dream' vol.1 and 2 -D.W. Video
'Buddy Rich Memorial Concert # 5' (features Chad Wackerman, Chester Thompson, Chuck Morris and Steve Ferrone). Ultimate Drummers Weekend - 2004

Solos and Duets featuring the Black Page - Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman

D2- Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman

The Drum Pad 20th Anniversary Show - Bozzio /Wackerman
Live At Yoshi's - Allan Holdsworth, Allan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip and Chad Wackerman

The Drummers Of Frank Zappa- Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman, Chester Thompson, Ralph Humphrey and Ruth Underwood.

Hits Live - Chad Wackerman Trio


Chad has been featured in the following magazines:
Modern Drummer, Musician, Drums and Drumming, Jazziz, Down Beat, Jazz Times, Drum!, Percussive Notes Magazine, Drumhead Magazine, and Pulse (U.S.A.)
'International Musician', 'The Wire', 'Top' (U.K.)
'Modern Drummer' (Japan)
'Drums and Percussion', 'Sticks', 'Fachblatt' (Germany)
'Drum Scene' ,'Skin Full', 'Drum Media', 'Drummer'(Australia)
'Guitar Club' and 'Percussioni' (Italy).
'Percussive Notes Magazine'
Drumhead Magazine


As a band leader and composer, Chad has five critically acclaimed CDs titled, Forty Reasons, The View, Scream, Legs Eleven and his latest release Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations. Chad also has a DVD out with his trio titled 'Hits Live'. Chad has written for the television show 'The Dennis Miller Show' as well as composing for Allan Holdsworth's 'Secrets', 'Wardenclyffe Tower', and 'Sixteen Men of Tain' CDs.


Chad tours as a clinician in the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. He has been a featured artist with the North Texas State University Percussion Ensemble and has given master classes at Berkelee School of Music, Boston, Mass., Percussion Institute of Technology, California. and the Los Angeles Music Academy.

As a solo drum artist Chad has performed at the Modern Drummer Festival in Montclaire, New Jersey, The Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Los Angeles, The Montreal Drum and Percussion Festival, Canada, The Koblenz Drummer Meeting, Germany, and The Ultimate Drummers Day, Melbourne, Australia and "Rhythm" festival in Marktoberdorf, Germany.

Chad is also the author of the book, 'Double Hi Hat Exercises For The Contemporary Drummer' published by Drum Workshop.



Chad endorses the following products:
    AKG Mic's

    Drum Workshop Drums

    Evans DrumHeads

    Meinl Percussion

    Paiste Cymbals

    Innovative percussion
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