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Drum Lessons
Chad teaches private lessons in the Southern California area. For information and bookings email

NEW! Chad is teaching private drum lessons via Skype.
This is a great opportunity for drummers overseas and in other areas of the USA to get a one on one lesson.
How does it work?
Download the Skype software, available free at
Set up a Paypal account, available for free at

Use your high-speed Internet connection (fiber optic, cable or DSL; dial-up is too slow).

Add a webcam with a microphone to your computer (Some computers have a built-in camera and mic).

Your setup should include your drum kit as well as a practice pad. This can be placed on the snare drum of your kit, or on a stand, but should be in view of the camera. A side view of your kit usually works well. I need to see you at the drums and have a clear view of your hands.

Depending on your level, some of the topics I teach are hand and foot technique, understanding styles, grooves, timekeeping, understanding form, phrasing ideas, sight reading tricks, interpreting drum charts, odd time signatures, poly-rhythms, fills, soloing and studio techniques, plus much more.

Lessons are conducted in English.

For further information, pricing and scheduling contact me via email at:

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