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Four masters of musical improvisation collaborate on the latest release from drummer Chad Wackerman, Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations. Known for his work with Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and James Taylor, Wackerman blurs the line between composed and improvised pieces. The featured musicians: guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboard player Jim Cox, have all developed a unique musical telepathy with Wackerman over decades, which is allowed to shine on this adventurous CD.


Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations
Chad Wackerman drums
Allan Holdsworth guitar
Jim Cox keys
Jimmy Johnson bass

The Baked Potato,
3797 Cahuenga Blvd.
Studio City, CA 90604
(818) 980-1615
Feb 16th, 2012, 9:30 and 11:00 pm
Feb 17th, 2012, 9:30 and 11:00pm

Chad's amazing lineup from his Forty Reasons CD reunites for two nights at The Baked Potato in Studio City. The group will be performing brand new pieces, improvisations and some of the tunes from their Chad's earlier CDs. These are very rare shows- not to be missed!

2011 was a very big year for Chad. He toured with James Taylor from February - July, filling in for legendary drummer Steve Gadd. The tour started in theaters in the US with James Taylor and his talented singer/songwriter son Ben Taylor.

The next phase of the tour featured four incredible gigs at Carnegie Hall in New York. Among the many special guests performing alongside James and the band were artists such as Sting, Barbara Cook, Bette Midler, Steve Martin, Dianne Reeves, Tony Bennett, Allison Krauss, Jerry Douglas and Robert Cray. President Bill Clinton was an honored guest and gave a moving speech during one of the shows.

The JT band lineup included musicians Jimmy Johnson, Mike Landau, Larry Goldings, Jeff Babko, Luis Conte, Walt Fowler, Lou Marini, Arnold McCuller, Kate Markowitz, Andrea Zonn, David Lasley and Kim Taylor. With Chad, Walt and Lou playing, this made three Zappa alumni performing in James' band!

With his full complement of musicians, JT continued the tour throughout the east, south and Midwest of the United States. One of the highlights for Chad was performing with the group at a State Dinner at the White House honoring German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Chad was thrilled to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Another highlight of the tour was playing four concerts at the famed Tanglewood venue in Massachussetts for the 4th of July holiday. Special guests at these concerts included composer John Williams, Amy Grant and Vince Gill. The fireworks over the beautiful Berkshires after the last performance were truly spectacular.

The final phase of the tour saw the band playing large arenas in the UK (including the 02 arena in London). The last concert of the tour was an outdoor gig in San Marco Square in sublime Venice, Italy.

Chad worked on his new album, Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations. He mixed the CD with Allan Holdsworth and Robert Feist, and mastered at Bernie Grundman's studio in Hollywood.

In April Chad played in Las Vegas with Allan Holdsworth and Jimmy Johnson for the inaugural John Wackerman Drum Festival.  He also enjoyed playing in a trio setup with his brother John and Dennis Chambers.

Chad gave two days of clinics in the UK during the summer at Rhythmfest, a drum festival held in the picturesque Cotswolds.

In the fall Chad toured Europe again, this time with guitarist Carl Verheyen and bassist Dave Marotta.

Drummer and composer Chad Wackerman releases his first DVD with an exciting trio line up of Mike Miller and Doug Lunn. The band soars through original compositions, making it all sound and look seamless. Hits Live is a powerful and adventurous musical ride with creative musicians who are giving it their all.
Buy Chad Wackerman Trio HIts Live DVD



NEW! Chad is teaching private drum lessons via Skype. This is a great opportunity for drummers overseas and in other areas of the USA to get a one on one lesson. Go to the lesson section of this site for more info.

Brand new double live CD Release from MoonJune Records

Blues For Tony



Blues For Tony CD info

Allan Holdsworth guitar
Alan Pasqua keybaords
Jimmy Haslip bass guitar
Chad Wackerman drums

1. Blues For Tony 11:12
2. The Fifth 8:58
3. It Must Be Jazz 8:38
4. Fred 9:56
5. Guitar Intro 3:35
6. Pud Wud 9:59
1. Looking Glass 10:07
2. To Jaki, George and Thad 4:51
3. San Michele 11:31
4. Protocosmos 5:46
5. Red Alert 5:50

Recorded live during the European Tour in 2007.
Edited by Jimmy Haslip.
Produced by Holdswoth, Pasqua, Haslip, Wackerman.

Executive production by Leonardo Pavkovic
(also worldwide booking management of Allan Holdsworth)

Chad is featured in the latest edition of Drumhead magazine. ( Issue #5) .
Brand New DVD
"Allan Holdsworth & Alan Pasqua featuring Jimmy Haslip & Chad Wackerman " 

This DVD is a must have for any music or Jazz aficionado. With an approximate run tiime of 90 mintues, every song from this incredible tour is featured. Touring worldwide in 2007, this ensemble is a must see. Captured live in HD at Yoshi's, this incredible DVD features four of the world's most proficient jazz musicians today. Allan Holdsworth, Alan Pasqua, Chad Wackerman and Jimmy Haslip deliver one of the most awe inspiring performances ever seen. This DVD will surely top the stack of your collection. Order yours today and be prepared to be amazed.

The Drum Pad's 20th Anniversary Festival DVD
Amazing drum festival footage! 3hr 45min approx run time: With a world famous cast: Terry Bozzio (Zappa), Chad Wackerman (Zappa), Jimmy Chamberlin (The Smashing Pumpkins), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Jeff Hamilton (Sinatra), Steve Smith, (Journey), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai), and Zakir Hussain of George Brooks' Summit, this 2 disc DVD set is a must have no matter if you're a drummer or just a music fan. The Drum Pad's 20th Anniversary Show is jam packed with unbelievable performances and candid bonus features.

Bonus Features include: 2 angle Jimmy Chamberlin session; Mike Mangini's personal notes set to his mind numbing performance; 'Salt Peanuts'performed by Jeff Hamilton and Steve Smith and candid interviews. A timeless show!
Buy the Drum Pad 's 20th Anniversary Festival DVD
World Drummers Ensemble

Four percussion masters, global leaders in their respective disciplines, come together for a highly-charged musical exchange; explosive, unpredictable, and unusual. Doudou N'Diaye Rose ( Senagalese master of the sabar ), Chad Wackerman, ( Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth ), Luis Conte ( Madonna, Michael Jackson ), and Bill Bruford ( Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks ), are known internationally as the World Drummers Ensemble. For those unfamiliar with, or unpersuaded by, the astonishing and increasing grip of the percussive arts as an innovative force in music across continents, this Dual Disc CD / DVD offers conclusive proof, were any needed, that rhythm beats at the heart of all things.

The music includes pieces from all members, but also from Switzerland via Pierre Favre, Turkey via the Harem Percussion Group, America via Max Roach, and there's even a re-working of King Crimson's 'B' Boom'. This Dual Disc CD audio / DVD documents over an hour of their ambitious program from concerts in Amsterdam and Brussels, and includes a complimentary 15 minute DVD on the reverse side.
A Coat of Many Colors dual disc now available

The Allan Holdsworth Trio, featuring Chad Wackerman on drums and Jimmy Johnson playing bass will be touring in 2006. The band will start touring Texas in February and continue on the East Coast of the US in May. Check the Tours and Clincs page for dates and venues.


This is a new group featuring Jimmy Haslip and Chad. Allan Holdsworth and Alan Pasqua have not toured together since they both played in the legendary Tony Williams 'Lifetime' group in the 1970's. The group will be playing lots of originals, and possibly even some of the classic 'Lifetime/ material. Check the 'Tours and Clinics' page for dates.
DW DVD presents Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman in their much anticipated encore performance. Recorded following their sold out multi-city tour, the two drumming legends are captured via dramatic multi-angle camera views. Complete with insightful interviews and active graphics explaining their unique melodic approach to drum set, this DVD is a must for every drumming enthusiast''s video library. 

 now on DVD, bundled with a live Terry Bozzio solo DVD. 

John Wackerman (one of Chad's brothers) has released a CD of drum duets featuring fifteen of the world's greatest drummers. It's an inventive and exciting CD.The drummers playing duets with John are:Steve Gadd, Peter Erskne, Ron Tutt, Clayton Cameron, Adrian Young, Steve Smith, Josh Freese, John Ferraro, Brooks Wackerman (also Chad's brorther), Ricky Lawson, Chuck Wackerman (Chad's father), Marc Atkinson, Chad Wackerman, Alex Acuna and Gary Novak.

Chad's CD's Scream and Legs Eleven are now available at Apples itunes store.


After living in Sydney, Australia for ten years, Chad
and his family moved back to Southern California in
July 2005. Although it's wonderful to be back in his
home town of Los Angeles again, Chad said he will miss
his friends and fellow musicians in Australia and
hopes to travel back there to visit often.

During September and October 2005 Chad was busy
touring with Terry Bozzio in a drum duet format. The
tour was organized by DW drums and covered some of the
South and East of the U.S. Taking as an influence the
Miles Davis electric period of the 1970's, Chad and
Terry played two 45 minute improvisational drum duets
to packed houses.

Chad and Terry have recently recorded a new duets DVD
called 'D2' based on their improvisational format.
This will be distributed by Drum Workshop. The DVD is
still in production, so we'll keep an update on this
site to let everyone know the release date.

Chad also toured the Midwest with Allan Holdsworth and
Jimmy Johnson during October, performing clinics and
concerts. Besides featuring some great music, the tour
also launched the new Dark Energy Cymbals from Paiste.
Special thanks to Ed Clift at Paiste for organizing
the tour. Watch out for new dates for this trio in

In February 2005 'The World Drummers Ensemble' is
going to tour the Netherlands for  'The Big Bang'
festivals. This special all-star group features Bill
Bruford (UK), Luis Conte (Cuba/USA), Doudou N'Diaye
Rose (Senegal) and Chad USA/Australia). The line-up
last played together in 1996 and everyone is very
excited at the chance to create some magic together
again. The festival tour includes four cities:
Rotterdam, Enschede, Utrecht and Amsterdam .For more
info go to:

After the festivals Chad will be performing clinics in
the Netherlands and Germany for a couple of weeks. The
clinic dates and venues will be announced soon- please
check the 'Tours and Clinics' section of this site as
they will be listed as dates are confirmed.

Latest CD releases: Brand New Chad Wackerman CD!

'LEGS ELEVEN' is the latest CD from electric jazz drummer Chad Wackerman. The project was composed and recorded in Chad's second homeland Australia, and is a reflection of the time he has spent in the country. Featuring Chad's urgent and exciting drumming, the CD has an openness which echoes the Australian landscape. "It's very hard for me to separate the music I play with the way I feel and my surroundings - especially music that has improvisational elements in it", Chad says. The musicians involved in the project have been playing together as an ensemble for the past seven years. James Muller is one of Australia's finest young guitarists, Leon Gaer on bass is a studio heavyweight who originally hails from L.A. and Daryl Pratt, the electric vibraphonist, is a highly regarded jazz and classical percussionist. 'Legs Eleven', with its percussive edge, rewards the listener with an intense and exhilarating experience.

You can buy 'Legs Eleven' directly from this site.

ALLAN HOLDSWORTH 'ALL NIGHT WRONG' This cd recorded one night live at the famous Pit Inn in Tokyo with Allan Holdsworth Jimmy Johnson and Chad Wackerman. This is one of the best live recordings of the trio that has played on and off together since the Metal Fatigue cd. A must for Holdsworth fans.

'DRUM NATION' Vol.1 Presented by Magna Carta and Modern Drummer Magazine,this is a new cd featuring drummers Chad Wackerman, Terry Bozzio, Steve Smith and Zakir Hussian, Tim Alexander and Brain, Bill Brufford, Brooks Wackerman and Steven Perkins,Stanton Moore, Rod Morgenstein, Marco Minnemum, Simon Phillips and Josh Freese. Brand new material from some of the greatest drummers on the planet. Chad's track "The Spell" features the 'Chad Wackerman Group'(James Muller, Leon Gaer and Daryl Pratt).

BANNED FROM UTOPIA 'So Yuh Don't Like Modern Art' Okay Zappa fans, here is a cd of material featuring some of the best Zappa alumni- Bruce, Walt and Tom Fowler, Tommy Mars, Ed Mann, Kurt McGettric, Albert Wing, Robert Martin, Arthur Barrow, Chad Wackerman plus Mike Miller on guitar. This cd was recorded over a four year period. Combines great Zappa tunes plus some pretty wild originals.

The Chad Wackerman Group completed their nationwide Australian Tour in March 2002. The tour was a great success for the band. It was very well organized and promoted by Vorticity Music Touring Company.

Chad joined long time friends Allan Holdsworth and Jimmy Johnson for a Japanese tour and Australian Tour in April and May. The Japanese tour was promoted by the Pit Inn in Tokyo. The Allan Holdsworth trio recorded two nights at the Pit Inn which is now a cd released in Japan.

Chad also gave a drum clinic thanks to Morie Diyra, DW drums and Paiste Cymbals.

After returning home from Japan, the Allan Holdworth trio toured Australia, again with the help of Vorticity Music Touring Company.

June saw Chad touring in the USA, performing clinics. The tour was sponsored by Paiste, DW Drums, Vic Firth and Evans.

In July, Chad taught masterclasses and performed at the "Rhythm" seminar Marktoberdorf, Germany . Other guest performers and teachers included Steve Smith, Jeff Hamilton, Richie Garcia, Wolfgang Halfner, Ralf Guske, plus Indian tavil drummer Kuruna Murty.

Brand New Allan Holdsworth Trio cd released in Japan.
The cd was recorded live at the Pit Inn. Chad and Jimmy Johnson are featured. The cd is called called "All Night Wrong" and is released in 3 formats; normal CD, Super Audio CD, and 5.1 Super Audio CD. The CD is on the Sony Records label.

Another brand new CD to look out for is from "Banned From Utopia". The title is "So Ya Don't Like Modern Art". This band is comprised mostly of Zappa band alumni- Bobby Martin, Tommy Mars, Bruce, Walt and Tom Fowler, Kurt McGettrick, Albert Wing, Ed Mann, Mike Miller, Arthur Barrow and Chad Wackerman. This new CD is released on Favored Nations Records.

Lately Chad has been busy writing music for his group which he plans to record at his studio next year.

New Video!!!!
Terry Bozzio/Chad Wackerman
Solos & Duets
featuring "The Black Page"

This video was recorded at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. It captures two of my drum solo pieces. The first is a solo version of "All Sevens" ( the band version is on "The View" CD), plus an extended version of my drum piece "Bash".Terry plays a beautiful classical composition "Harmonic Etude" which clearly demonstrates his ability to turn the modern drum set into a harmonic instrument.

You'll also hear the Zappa composition "The Black Page" played by Terry and myself. We decided to work this up as part of our" Art of Drumming" tour, and I'm very glad we were able to document it in this video.

The video also includes two spontaneous duet improvisations. This is something I really enjoy, especially with a musician like Terry, who plays with such conviction and has a complete understanding of musical form, textures, contrast, melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics. When we improvise we never know where it will go, and I think we've got a few surprises on this video.

You can order the video direct if you live in the US at: Dw Drums or you can get it (internationally and in the US) at your favorite retail store that sells DW products.

The next Bozzio/Wackerman project to come out will be two CDs called "Private Conversations (overheard by an invited audience) vol.1 and 2. These are our favorite live duet improvisations taken from the 20 city "Art Of Drumming" tour. Due out soon...

Chad Wackerman Group to perform in Sydney
The Chad Wackerman Group performs at "The Basement" in Sydney ,Australia Aug.14th, 9:30 PM featuring James Muller- Guitar, Leon Gaer- Bass and Daryl Pratt - Vibes and Synths.The group will be performing selections from all 3 of Chad's CDs plus some new compositions.
Club address and info.
The Basement
29 Reiby Pl.
Circular Quay,NSW

For reservations and ticket info:
Tel. 61(02) 9251-2797
Fax. 61(02) 9252-3007

Other upcoming events:
Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman perform live in Concert
Nov.2nd - Montreal Drum and Percussion Festival- Montreal Canada
Nov. 15th- Percussive Arts Society Convention- Nashville,TN


I spent last May touring the Southern States of the U.S. with one of my favorite musicians - Terry Bozzio. Terry and myself along with our crew of two hit the road and played a twenty city tour of drum concerts. No band, no tapes, just drums. Terry and I played solo pieces as well as improvisation duets. If you missed the tour the good news is that we recorded most nights and we have a CD coming out in spring of our best duet improvisations.

The CD will probably be called "Private Conversations For An Invited Audience". This CD has captured one of the most challenging and fulfilling musical experiences I have had. I've been so lucky to have been able to play with some of the best improvisers on the planet. When playing with Terry I had the same feeling of ease and creative freedom as I did with Allan Holdsworth or Frank Zappa.

You'll be able to find our CD on this site as well as on

In December 2000-2005 I played some more shows with Terry; this time we started in Denver to a sold out 700 seat theater plus we played four shows in California including "Drum Day L.A" at the House Of Blues in Hollywood. Drum Day L.A. featured Terry and myself, Joey Heredia's band including Alex Acuna and Luis Conte, plus Tommy Lee and Stephen Perkins playing duo.

After drum day L.A. Terry and I recorded a video for D.W. Drums. The video features two of my solo compositions "All Sevens" and "Bash", a new composition by Terry, "A Harmonic Etude", Zappa's "The Black Page" played as a duet, and two very exciting duet improvisations. D.W. will be releasing this video very soon and it should be available through retail music shops. This will be my first "drum" video!

Contact for more info about the video.

Contact if you want to purchase the drum solo part to the Black Page #1.

Highlights of 2000-2005 included my latest release "Scream" which features my current band. Scream is released on Favored Nations Records in the USA, and in Europe by EFA/Metalimbo Records. Please check out the Albums part of my site for more info.

Another musical highlight for 2000-2005 was a European tour with 'The Chad Wackerman Group'. The group - James Muller (guitar), Daryl Pratt (vibes and synths) and Leon Gaer (bass)- played in Germany,Austria, UK and Italy. A big thank you to Patrizio Chiozza and Marcello for making it possible. We can't wait to go back.

Also in 2000-2005 I played at the at the Marktoberdorf festival "Rhythm" in Gemany. This was a one week residency of teaching, clinics and performance. The festival had a truly amazing line up of great drummers and percussionists; Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Wolfgang Hoffner, Marco Minneman, Richie Garcia, Efrain Toro, Brad Dutz, Hakim Luden and myself. It was great to see and hear such wonderful musicians and hang out for a week. Each night featured a performance of these greats playing solo and duets in different combinations.

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