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Chad's long awaited third CD "Scream" features his current group which is based in Sydney, Australia. The Chad Wackerman Group has been playing around Australia at clubs and jazz festivals for more than three years. In 2000-2005 the group toured Europe for the first time. Chad's live band on "Scream" is augmented by Jim Cox on piano and B3 organ, as well as Walt Fowler who plays the Flugel horn solo on the tune " Holland". Scream showcases Chad's compositions and drumming as well as letting all the musicians take the music to the edge. Utilizing the guitar and vibes in the pieces gives a floating , dreamlike quality as well as much of the record having a very aggressive 'on the edge' attitude. There are no loops, no samples on 'Scream', just plenty of real percussion, interesting sonic textures and very adventurous solos.

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