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Jewel Green Stain Laquer
with Chrome Hardware
A - 5x13 Snare Drum
B - 7x8 Tom-Tom
C - 8x8 Tom-Tom
D - 8x10 Tom-Tom
E - 9x12 Tom-Tom
F - 10x13 Tom-Tom
G - 11x14 Tom-Tom
H - 13x16 Tom-Tom
I - 18x22 Bass Drums (x2)

Pedals and Hardware
5002 AH Delta Accelerator
Double Pedal
5500 TH Delta Hi-Hat Stand
5502LB Remote Hi-Hat Stand
9300 Snare Drum Stand
9934 Double Tom/Cymbal Mount
9700 Cymbal Stand (x3) .799
Ball-In-Socket Cymbal Arm
906 Cymbal Stacker
934S Cymbal Boom Arm
9901 Low Tom Strand
9100 Drum Throne

Chad Uses
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