Chad Wackerman

Teaching & Clinics

Colin loves to teach and give drum clinics. He says ”I have played for so many years and have a lot of experience that I would like to pass on to the many drummers who would benefit from what I know.” He teaches the correct mechanics for the hands, and for adventurous souls, the ”finger control” technique. The main thing that people usually want to learn from Colin is his bass drum technique, which can really change your ability to play more than just one or two beats on that drum. He has performed many clinics in the U.S and Canada, and has been teaching the drums for 50 years.

Colin Bailey does drum clinics and master classes in association with his endorsers. Log onto the Drum Channel to take a master class or lessons from Colin’s DVD Bass Drum Technique. He also gives clinics and master classes in person. Dates and locations for these can be found on his performance schedule. He teaches mostly at his home studio in the San Francisco area. See the paragraph below to schedule lessons.

Endorsements: Istanbul Mehmet CymbalsDrum WorkshopVic Firth, and Remo.